Construction Worker

Being a construction worker is a varied and physical job where you can be working on something new, in a new role, every day

Working as a construction worker is all about variety as you build, demolish and support the creation of new buildings and facilities

This job means working with your hands to lay bricks, to plaster and park, but it also means using your mind for maths, measuring and sketching

You could go on to specialise in a number of different areas – including safety management, site inspector or as a general contractor!

Some facts about working as a Construction Worker in Europe

The demand for Construction Workers across Europe are currently rated at 34 out of 100

The average for Construction Workers salary across Europe is currently estimated at €1,581 per month

The main areas of employment for Construction Workers across Europe at the moment are in Construction, Manufacturing and Wholesale and retail trade.

Demand for Construction Workers in Europe at the moment is highest in Malta!

How can you get started?

1. Seek work experience (either paid or voluntary) in your chosen job area

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2. Contact local college/VET training centre and attend open days to find about courses on offer

Want to be gain a qualification in construction? Follow the link below to find out more:

3. Register on National Apprenticeship scheme (or equivalent)

Start an apprenticeship in the construction industry:

4. Send CV/resume to local employers

Ever written a CV? Follow this link for some handy tips!

5. Ensure that your maths and language skills are at the required level to enter employment

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You can also learn about the path to becoming a Construction Worker by playing the Level Up 2 VET Game, available now!