Level Up 2 VET

To support you using the game!

The Level Up 2 VET game is designed to help support you in learning more about VET pathways and what can be gained by taking VET careers.

How does the game work?

The Level Up 2 VET game is a digital board game where you can roll a dice to move from point to point across a city map, answering questions, drawing cards and picking up points.

Like a board game, you will be able to pick up different cards to learn about VET and different VET careers, to answer questions to earn points and to move to new and exciting parts of the city.

There are 3 levels to the game, each designed to help you learn about a different part of VET


Level 1: What is Vocational Education Training?


Level 2: What is involved in training for a specific career




Level 3: What it is like to work in a specific career

How can I use it?

The first step is always to play the game. You can do this:

By yourself

With a Career Guidance Person

…after this, you could…

1. Continue to learn about some potential VET Careers

You could do this by accessing the different pages on this website designed to provide information about different VET careers

2. Meet with a Career Guidance Professional to help you decide your next steps

While you can learn a lot by yourself and can take a lot of steps to proceed with your own career, it never hurts to have another opinion, especially one from someone in the know. By meeting with a Career Guidance Professional, you can better examine your options and decide what to do

3. Take the first steps to starting your career!

If you have a career in mind that you are interested in and which you might like to pursue, you can begin the process of applying for training for this career.

There are some suggested next steps and links on each of the career pages on this website, as well as a wide variety of learning resources, which could support this.

Get the Game!

The Level Up 2 VET game is available on the App Store and the Google play store now!