Level Up 2 VET

To support you using the game!

The Level Up 2 VET game is designed to help support young people in learning more about VET pathways and how they can begin down this particular path.

The game is designed to be a fun and innovative way for young people to learn about VET and VET pathways.

How does the game work?

The Level Up 2 VET game is a digital board game where players roll a dice to move from point to point, answering questions, drawing cards and picking up points

Like a board game, the player will be able to pick up different cards to learn about VET and different VET careers, to answer questions to earn points and to move to new and exciting parts of the city.

By gathering points, players can move through 3 different game levels, dealing with:


Level 1: What is Vocational Education Training?


Level 2: What is involved in training for a specific career




Level 3: What it is like to work in a specific career

How can I use it?

The first step is always to get the person to play the game. They could do this:

Before or after they meet you

In the room with you

While players can learn about a wide range of features by playing the game, they may not know how best to proceed based on what they learned in the game. What you can help them are the next steps they may wish to proceed with proceed in real-life.

So after students play the game – either in a face-to-face session with you, or by themselves – you can:

1. Show them some more!

After players have played the game, and gathered an idea about what they may wish to do next, you can support and enhance what they learned by providing them with more information.

There is a wide range of information contained in this website for each career featured in the game

2. Try out another digital tool!

The Level Up 2 VET game provides a new digital tool to support VET education and pathways in a new and exciting way.

As well as the game, the project game website has a wide range of additional tools which use GBL in careers guidance. You could use one of these to further support your client in learning about and pursuing VET as a viable career option.

3. Help the player to make the first steps!

If the player feels that they have a career that they are now interested in and which they might like to pursue, you can help them to take the next steps with this by encouraging them to begin the process of applying for training and work with your guidance.

There are some suggested next steps and links on each of the career pages on this website, as well as a wide variety of learning resources, which could support this.

Get the Game!

The Level Up 2 VET game is available on the App Store and the Google play store now!