Project Description


The service was launched by the Federal Employment Agency in 2016 and is available in German as a mobile app. It is targeted at young people who are still at school and looking for an apprenticeship, but it can be used by a range of young people. The aim of the service is to support young people preparing for a job interview.

The app can be downloaded for use on mobile phones or tablets. There is a similar version (in terms of content) available online via a website. The app is free and there is no age limit or special accessibility provisions for users with special needs. The app is only available in German. An internet connection is required to play the videos. The app allows users to improve their understanding of the job/apprenticeship interview process (e.g. body language, voice and behaviour during the job interview presentation skills, tips for the interview etc.).

There are four different sections within the app:

  1. “Appointments” – This section allows users to store information about upcoming job interview appointments. The applicant can enter the date, as well as the company’s name, contact person, address, phone number and web address. The app also allows users to go directly to the website or to call the company contacts. If the reminder function is turned on, the applicant can receive a reminder three days or one day before the appointment, as well as on the day of the appointment. Furthermore, the applicant is automatically provided with an interview preparation checklist. Within the section “My Appointments”, the applicant can learn more about the profession and company, as well as review the interview afterwards. Follow-up evaluation and feedback is provided.
  2. “Typical Questions” – This section gives examples of frequently asked interview questions (e.g. “person specification questions”, “job-related questions” and “questions about the company”). The applicant can understand what to expect from the job interview and so can prepare more specifically for it.
  3. “Checklists” – The checklists cover “14 days before the interview”, “3 days before the interview”, “1 day before the interview”, “On the day of the interview”. They help the applicant to check whether they have completed all the essential preparation and tasks in the build-up to the interview (e.g. choosing suitable clothes).
  4. “Videos” – The applicant can watch videos on topics such as “What does body language tell you about a person?” and “Stages of a job interview” to help familiarise them with the process. They can also click through to further information about applying for a job on

Pupils (in particular those who apply for a vocational apprenticeship); School graduates; Marginalised groups (students at risk of dropping out; young adults; NEET; unemployed; disadvantaged users; migrants)


Online careers information and guidance platform; Mobile application


How to use this Resource

Using this resource for learning

The new app “Applying for a job: Getting Fit for the Interview” helps users prepare for job interviews. It also guides people on how to apply for an apprenticeship. By combining use of the app with a complementary website, users can learn how to write a CV and covering letter. This helps users become more aware of their own competences, skills, strengths and weaknesses.