Project Description


Fake It to Make It is a simulation-style game where players take on the role of someone creating and distributing fake news for profit.

The creator of the game, Amanda Warner, hopes that this game will educate people to be more aware of fake news. She states that “by making players more aware of how and why fake news is written and distributed, that they will be more sceptical of what they encounter in the future”.

The game involves players learning how otherwise accurate information can be manipulated for maximum impact and how people can be deliberately targeted with this misinformation.

Unlike many other games, when you access the Fake It to Make it website you are encouraged to start the game before reading any guidance or information to gain the greatest impact. Once you have done this, you then learn more about the tricks and dangers behind the creation of fake and manipulative news.

The player is required to create or acquire articles and share these based on a series of goals or tasks. For instance, the first task you need to complete is to create a website to share news, and the goal of this task is for the site to have a credibility rating of at least 30. While this sounds relatively innocent, as you move through the game you realise that a site that is politically divisive, with news targeted towards sympathetic groups, is more advantageous. Ultimately, this highlights the main concepts of misinformation and emotional targeting.


Students, young adults


Online career flash game


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Using this resource for learning

This game is quite relevant in the current climate and is featured on the Games for Change website where games that “engage contemporary social issues in a meaningful way” are listed.
Ultimately, it aims to educate players on how to spot fake or falsely emotive news and help reduce the spread of these items.