Project Description


Career Wales’s Job Interview Game aims to help young people with interview preparation through an online role play game. It highlights what to wear, bring and think about before an interview, as well as the best way to answer some key interview questions.

This free online game is accessed through the Careers Wales website and available in both English and Welsh. It is primarily available on a computer but the game is accessible on any device that supports Adobe Flash Player.

The game walks you through the day of an interview; starting from when you wake up until the end of the interview. To do this, it uses a combination of mini-games and question-and-answer tasks, providing advice and feedback at regular intervals.

In addition, checklists and summaries are provided to help reinforce the most important messages. As the game is short – only taking 5-10 minutes to complete – the user is able to stay focused throughout the game, aided by the constantly changing format of the mini-games.

The interview section itself is fairly short with only 3 questions asked, but the questions cover a wide range of topics commonly discussed in interviews and provide useful feedback, detailing the strengths of your answer and how it may be improved.
The game can help develop young people’s career prospects by helping them feel more prepared for an interview and so increase their confidence. The Careers Wales website is a well-used resource (both within Wales and more generally across the UK) which means that the game has the potential to reach a large audience of young people looking for careers support.


Students; Young adults


Gamified learning platform/MOOC; Interactive learning tools


How to use this Resource

Using this resource for learning

The interactive nature of this game helps the user to learn vital skills for themselves. The follow-up of short text in the form of bullet points and checklists helps to reinforce the game’s objective. This enables the user to learn the necessary skills and desirable attributes needed for an interview without having to read long paragraphs.