Project Description


The Med-Assess project ran from 2012 to 2014 with the solution and methodologies since having been transferred and continued in another EU project, Pro Nursing.

Med-Assess aims to provide a solution where nurses can assess their knowledge and skills to get an insight into the areas where they might need refreshment or further training.

Additionally Med-Assess aims to support management in medical institutions with regards to recruitment drives for new employees, by measuring knowledge, abilities and competencies of current employees, as well as providing learning content or material for VET on-the-job training. The project target groups were clinics, hospitals, nursing schools, nursing associations and VET communities.

The assessment tool is available as an online application, accessible through a browser. This self-assessment application interrogates an ontology related to the field of nursing.

The application is adaptable for different medical qualification areas, allowing clinics the ability to create individual Med-Assess measuring knowledge bases (neuroscience, internal medicine, sport medicine, etc.).

The application is free and accessible online through a standard browser. Users are required to create a profile before using the tool. When their profile has been created, the user carries out a self-assessment to determine their level of skills and knowledge in the field of nursing. Ultimately, their assessment helps to determine if they are suitable for particular jobs or if they require more training.


University students; Unemployed; Employed


Assessment and self-assessment instruments


Med-Assess EU project consortium Website:

Contact Persons: Dr. Fazel Ansari & Mareike Dornhöfer University of Siegen, Institute of Knowledge Based Systems



How to use this Resource

Using this resource for learning

While not a typical GBL application, the Med-Assess application uses the game mechanic of self-assessment to determine the user’s skill level and match this with training or job roles.
The ontology and solution developed as part of this project was based on a previous project, OntoHR, refined and targeted towards the medical field for this project and subsequently developed further for the EU project Pro Nursing. This highlights the effectiveness of the solution for this field and the potential of the solution to help match skilled employees to jobs, identify opportunities for further training or indeed the potential for progression in careers.