Project Description


The National Careers Portal ( was developed as part of the ’Content and Methodology Development of the Career Guidance Systems’ project. It was supported by the European Union, financed through the European Social Fund. The portal contains information to help people make career decisions. The aim of the project is to create a career information system that:

– covers the entire career lifecycle, providing services which correspond with decision points and pay particular attention to critical transitions

– facilitates access to up-to-date career information tools (particularly in the classroom) via cutting-edge digital technology

– provides consistent quality careers guidance services

– establishes a network of stakeholders interested in career orientation. The content is available in Hungarian which means that everyone can access tools and information according to their age and circumstances. The portal can be viewed without registering, but there are more functions after registering.

There are also questionnaires for institutions to help them to measure the effectiveness of career guidance services. Under ’keresők’ (’search’), there are 8 different search functions that helps to make sure different user groups can find the relevant information that they are looking for (occupations, vocational qualifications, institutions of higher and public education, wage search, counselor search, employment department search). More than 400 short videos have been made with people from different professions. These films provide an insight into the everday life of those working in a specific sector and highlights information on the skills, competences and qualifications needed for certain occupations.

These are complemented by more than 500 job profiles which help users better understand different occupations. This includes information on the average tasks and activities carried out, working hours, working environment and salaries


Young people, job seekers, other professionals


Online career information and guidance platform; E-portfolio; Interactive learning tools; Assessment and self-assessment instruments


Contact: Nemzetgazdasági Minisztérium (Ministry for National Economy)



How to use this Resource

Using this resource for learning

The e-portfolio function can be used as a personal folder after registration. Important and useful information, favourite content etc. can be saved here. The portal also contains a skills-assessment questionnaire which helps users understand their skills and values in order to build a successful career.The biggest disadvantage of the portal is that its content has not been updated since 2015. Some important functions of it (e.g. the virtual community of counselors) are not currently available. .