Project Description


The PCV has been developed through collaboration with professionals in early childhood education, teachers, and Finnish universities providing teacher education. It has been piloted by students from three comprehensive schools and a first version of the electronic PCV platform will be ready during 2018.

The PCV is aimed primarily for use in schools (from primary upwards) and has been designed to foster co-operation between the various stakeholders in a child’s life. Everyone benefits from collecting information on an easy-to-use platform. However, this helps young people the most as positive feedback is not something to be taken for granted.

The significance of the PCV is heightened during transition periods, such as when the child starts school, moves from elementary to secondary school, and when comprehensive school finishes.

On the website there is lots of teaching material on this topic, including resources to help young people understand their strengths.

The website is freely accessible in Finnish (part of the information is in English).


Young people


E-portfolio: Skills assessments; Positive feedback from relatives, school etc.


How to use this Resource

Using this resource for learning

Positive CV is a versatile platform which offers a CV covering a broad range of skills. It helps young people begin to document their abilities and strengths together with those closest to them.Only a few young people recognise their own strengths or the skills necessary for working life. The PCV can act as a guide, both when moving on to start one’s career, and more broadly, in finding one’s place in the world