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The Prometheus mobile application was launched in 2016 as part of the Prometheus project. The project was funded under the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the Business Foundation for Education in Bulgaria. The Prometheus mobile app addresses a wide variety of target groups – young people, unemployed people, and adults wishing to change their career. It contains 5 tools which describe various aspects of career development and management – self-awareness, decision making, the job search, and planning a mobility.


  • At my workplace supports the self-evaluation of professional values. The user is given a list of statements, each one describing opportunities and situations at the workplace and has to mark whether the respective statement is valid for them. At the end of the exercise, the user receives a short report with information about the workplace values that are of greatest importance for them. This includes recognition, leadership, money, creativity, teamwork, achievement, independence, risk and variety.
  • What type of decision maker am I helps users discover their decision making type – rational, intuitive or addictive – and how this affects their career decisions. The user marks different statements as valid to them (or not). Once completed, they receive a short profile with a description of their decision making type and some tips and suggestions about how it may be improved.
  • Ready for Mobility helps clients define their readiness for mobility. The clients fill in the self-assessment questionnaire and mark whether each statement is valid for them or not. The results show to what extent the user possesses the necessary personal traits, skills, aptitudes and experience for living abroad. The user also gets recommendations on how to prepare better for a mobility.  Which Jobs Are Suitable for Me – the main purpose of this self-assessment instrument is to improve users’ self-awareness about their own career interests, preferences, attitudes and values and to provide perspective on suitable jobs. The user rates statements related to four different areas – People and Relationships; Procedures and Systems; Communications and Arts; Science and Engineering.
  • Self-Assessment of Job Search Skills and Strategies – the tool enhances users’ awareness about effective job search methods and approaches and provides tips on how to develop these further.

The mobile app is available in 5 languages – English, Bulgarian, German, Greek and Italian – and can be downloaded on Android and tablets until the end of 2021. Further technical development is not foreseen.


Young people, marginalised groups and the unemployed


Mobile Application


Link for download: Contact person: Nadezhda Paunova – Project Coordinator, BFE Email:


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