Project Description


The Shape Your Future resource was produced by Careers Yorkshire and the Humber as part of their work to deliver the National Careers Service across the Yorkshire and the Humber region. The booklet aims to provide an overview of the regional job market and industry sectors to young people, as well as outline the key skills, attitudes and experience required. To aid the regional focus of the resource, four different versions were produced, with the information and sectors covered tailored to the different geographic regions found across Yorkshire and the Humber.

This free online booklet is easy to access via computer, tablet and smartphone as well as being available to download as a pdf. Each page focuses on a particular sector, alongside statistics about employment trends and future projections of job availability. In addition, useful skills and study routes are listed, as well as earning potential for certain positions within that sector, local employers, and links to useful websites.

One downside is that the tool is very static and so fails to fully exploit the potential of being offered digitally. At the same time, its learning approach is heavily focused on reading, which means that its impact with lower skilled/engaged groups (e.g. NEETs) may be limited. To address this, supplementary quizzes are available on the Careers Yorkshire and the Humber website but these are only available as word files and not interactive online quizzes.


 Pupils (aged 13-18)


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Careers Yorkshire and the Humber


Contact Person: Rachel Percy



How to use this Resource

Using this resource for learning

The booklet enables the reader to think more extensively about the career path that they may wish to pursue and what qualifications and experience may be needed. It is also helpful for those unsure of what career they wish to follow as it provides high-level summaries of the skills, subjects and attitudes required for each sector. To aid impact, hard-copies of the booklets have been distributed to schools across Yorkshire and the Humber.