Project Description


The Game of Life app is a digital version of the popular board game of the same name. The game simulates a person’s journey through life based on their choice of attending college or starting a career.

The Game of Life app begins by allowing the player to choose how they will play, whether they wish to play against the computer, against friends on Facebook (13+ years), against other online users, or in a face-to-face manner by passing between people after each turn.

The main objective of the game is to become more “successful at life” than your opponents by gathering more money and assets as you make your way through the game. Once every player has moved through the game and retires, the wealthiest player is deemed the winner.

The game play is similar to the traditional board game, in that you spin the wheel, albeit digitally, and land on tiles which offer a variety of choices related to life and career, such as pay increases, taxes, getting married, having children, losing jobs, retirement, etc. The mobile application takes advantage of the interactivity of the digital platform by including 3D animation and mini-games within the larger gameplay.

The mobile application has two different modes, full mode, which matches the traditional gameplay, and fast track which is a shorter version of the game due to the use of a random victory condition.


Students, young adults


Mobile application


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Using this resource for learning

The game can provide the opportunity to pursue different paths and to see results of these by asking the player to choose between college and starting a career at the beginning of the game. Choosing college, for instance, offers more career and salary opportunities, but takes extra turns and puts you in debt immediately. Most of the game is based on luck or chance but you are presented with some opportunities to make decisions, e.g. the choice of career, what car or house to buy, etc.