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The game was developed and launched in 2008 under the Leonardo da Vinci project ePortfolio for Your Future, coordinated by the Students Computer Arts Society in Bulgaria. The specific objectives of the project are: • To help careers advisors identify those at risk of early school leaving through the development and monitoring of personal ePortfolios by students • To enable students to identify their skills and competences in an engaging and fun way via the eGame • To promote a comprehensive interactive self-assessment and reflection tool to key stakeholders that reduces the mismatch between education and job entry for students. ePortfolio for Your Future is accessible in English, German and Bulgarian at: It consists of 3 tools that complement one another, building a unique and comprehensive training resource. The tools address young people (teenagers). There are no specific requirements and accessibility provisions for

users with special needs.

Student ePortfolio tool – a student planning guide, depository of student accomplishments and academic growth, and a job seeking tool which links with potential employers. After signing into the ePortfolio system, users are able to create, manage, update and develop their own ePortfolio.

The 4YF game is a career game in which users experience various dreams. When the user has gone through all the tasks and questions in the dreams, a personality profile is created, based on their responses and performance. It contains suggestions for suitable careers, to which the user has shown aptitude based on the game results. The profile highlights users’ abilities and skills, strengths and weaknesses etc. These statements aim to improve and encourage users’ self-awareness and help users find out what is the right job for them. It is possible to print out the results, so they can be later discussed with a careers advisor.

Motivation test – an interactive self-assessment tool to identify student competencies (self-discovery web-based game). There is an emphasis on the advantages of ICT and multimedia and a web-based test which assesses if there is a risk of early school leaving.

The tools have been used by career professionals and young people in Bulgaria, Austria, Ireland and Liechtenstein. The app is free to access. However, it does not currently seem to be updated regularly.


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Link for download: Contact person: Svetlozar Petrov – CEO of JobTiger Ltd Email:


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