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The platform was launched in 2017 as part of the Erasmus+ project VeLoCiTy. The target groups include adult jobseekers, NEET young people, careers guidance practitioners and training organisations.

The platform has been developed using Open Simulator. Access is open, although the user first has to download a special viewer (free of charge) and register on the platform.

The VLE in the 3D world context allows the learner to explore independently and interact with a friend (educator) within the world. It also supports collaboration inside a group. The different scenarios combine diverse learning methods and approaches – discovery learning, learning through discussion and debate, inquiry-based learning, learning by doing.

In some of the scenarios, players may receive assistance through pre-programmed tips, have a real-time discussion with a careers guidance practitioner (providing the training session is scheduled in advance) or interact with other users. The user does not have to follow this advice and can take decisions independently.

The Virtual Learning Environment contains 7 job interview case scenarios. They take about 20-30 minutes each and help learners to familiarise themselves with various types of interviews. This includes preparation for the interview, common questions in face-to-face interviews, understanding competency-based and panel interviews, and how to behave during the process.

By presenting this information via a virtual reality simulation, users can practice and learn about interview techniques within a safe environment. Some of the limitations of this technology include: only an English version is available for tips, the technical requirements for the additional game viewer creates barriers, the need to schedule a session with careers advisor in advance. However, otherwise the service and the software are completely free and give a chance to users who are at a distance to receive career support. Also, careers advisors and user can communicate in their native languages.


Students, graduates, job seekers


Virtual reality platform


Website: Contact person: Prof. George A. Papadopoulos – Project Coordinator, University of Cyprus Email:


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