Sous Chef

Being a sous chef goes well beyond just preparing food. It is a job that requires thinking on your feet, working well with others and preparing to be busy!

Working as a sous chef is like leading troops into battle. You will need to help manage the kitchen and supplies, rally and lead the other cooks, and think in a fast-paced environment

This job draws on a lot of skillsets and is a mix of planning and preparation, as well as action! The skills you learn here will work for you outside of the kitchen

You could go on to work as a head chef or line cook, as well as specialising in a specific business or your own restaurant or catering!

Some facts about working as a Sous Chef in Europe

The demand for Sous Chef across Europe are currently rated at 32 out of 100

The average for Sous Chef salary across Europe is currently estimated at €1,049 per month

The main areas of employment for Sous Chefs across Europe at the moment are in Accommodation and food, Health and social care and Education

Demand for Sous Chefs in Europe at the moment is highest in Cyprus!

How can you get started?

1. Seek work experience (either paid or voluntary) in your chosen job area

The best way to find out more about working in catering is by gaining some hands-on experience. Find local opportunities following the link:

2. Contact local college/VET training centre and attend open days to find about courses on offer

Want a gain a hospitality qualification? Click below to enrol on a course in your local area:

3. Register on National Apprenticeship scheme (or equivalent)

If you’d like to work in catering, register here for an apprenticeship in this industry.

4. Send CV/resume to local employers

Ever written a CV? Follow this link for some handy tips!

5. Ensure that your maths and language skills are at the required level to enter employment

How is your English and Maths? Find out more at:

You can also learn about the path to becoming a Sous Chef by playing the Level Up 2 VET Game, available now!