Sports Therapists

Being a sports therapist means helping top athletes excel, helping people who suffer from pain to heal, and everything in-between

Working as a sports therapist is a mix of your head and your hands. You will use your hands for healing and demonstration, while using your head to diagnose and prescribe exercises

This job means knowing a lot about the body, exercise and fitness, so if these are areas you are interested in, there is a lot here for you

You could go on to work with elite teams or athletes to support their abilities, or you could help vulnerable people recovering from illness or injury

Some facts about working as a Health Professionals – like sports therapists – in Europe

The demand for Health Professionals across Europe are currently rated at 40 out of 100

The average for Health Professionals salary across Europe is currently estimated at €2,027 per month

The main areas of employment for Health Professionals across Europe at the moment are in Health and social care, Wholesale and retail trade and Manufacturing.

Demand for Health Professionals in Europe at the moment is highest in the UK!

How can you get started?

1. Seek work experience (either paid or voluntary) in your chosen job area

Want to work in sports therapy? If so, a good place to start is completing some work experience. Click below to find out more:

2. Contact local college/VET training centre and attend open days to find about courses on offer

Want to gain a qualification in sports and leisure? Click here for more information about local courses:

3. Register on National Apprenticeship scheme (or equivalent)

Become an apprentice working in the sport and leisure sector:

4. Send CV/resume to local employers

Ever written a CV? Follow this link for some handy tips!

5. Ensure that your maths and language skills are at the required level to enter employment

How is your English and Maths? Find out more at:

You can also learn about the path to becoming a Sports Therapist by playing the Level Up 2 VET Game, available now!